Higher education at risk?

What do academics think about the state of the modern university? Just read these book titles and they tell their own story:

The soul of the American university: from Protestant establishment to established non-belief (1994)

The university in ruins (1996)

The dying of the light. The disengagement of colleges and universities from their Christian churches (1998)

Declining by degrees; higher education at risk (2005)

Excellence without a soul: does liberal education have a future? (2007)

The last professor: the corporate university and the fate of the humanities (2008)

Save the world on your own time (2008)

Education’s end: why our colleges and universities have given up on the meaning of life (2008)

And look at the titles of these academic papers:

‘Does the university corrupt youth?’ (1981)

‘How Christian universities contribute to the corruption of youth’ (1988)

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